My Last Two Homes

I started this blog while we were living in our home in the country.  That seems like a long time ago.  I loved that little home and will cherish the memories we made there forever.  While the style of that home isn’t my current style, I thought I would share a few pictures from that home with you.

I loved living in the country with that beautiful cotton field in front of our home.  But, I don’t miss all of the rattlesnakes, and other critters that came to visit our home.
Our boys got older, and the needs of our family changed, so we made a huge change to a much larger city that met all of the needs of our boys lives.  I also got the fixer upper that challenged me like crazy.  Here are pictures of our next home, and the home that turned me into a temporary contractor, and busy DIYer. This home hadn’t been loved in a very long time.

So, While I was busy renovating this home, my boys were venturing off into adulthood.  Then, just about the time I had the house completed, the nest was empty.  We decided to move closer to where my husband worked, and to downsize.  We didn’t need 3000 Sq ft anymore.  We sold that house in 19 hours.  We scrambled and found a home that was a new build, and close to completion.  Still four bedrooms for when the boys come home to visit, but no more formal living spaces or giant yard.  It was the perfect house, and in 3 weeks, we had moved again.  This was our first new build.
You can see more pictures of our new cottage by visiting the House Tour tab.
Thank you for taking the time to follow my journey.  

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