Fall & Halloween Home Tour

Happy Halloween Friends! 

I can’t believe it’s Halloween and the last day of October!  I wanted to share all of my Fall and Halloween decor with you before it all comes down and is replaced by Christmas decor.  I’ve honestly been thinking about Christmas decor for a while.  It’s my favorite season and I just can’t wait to decorate for Christmas.

Anyway, enough about Christmas, you’re here to see my Fall and Halloween decor.  I really do love decorating for Fall and Halloween.  It’s like the start of the holiday season and the start of the changing of seasons.  It’s also fun because it’s time to change up your home decor with something fresh and new.

Welcome to our home!

We have a small entryway and I’m limited on space.  I have a small table with a mirror that I painted, because it was blue.  I also painted the metal part of the table.  If you’ve read some of my other posts, I paint my decor to fit with my new style,  to keep the things I love, and to save money.
Just off of the entryway is our office, which also serves as a guest room.  We have a small sofa sleeper in there for extra guests.  It’s also the place where my dachshunds, Jax and Mellie, like to sit during the day and watch the houses being built across the street.
I’ve kept the decor in this room pretty simple.  Just some pumpkins and simple Fall foliage.
Here is the other side of this room.  This is my little office area.
This desk was my Mother-In-Laws from when she was a child.  It was pretty scratched up and I painted it and added some new knobs.  The armoire use to be our coffee bar, but we have a built in coffee bar now.  So, the armoire holds crafting and office supplies now.  
Off of this room through the barn doors is our dining room.  I kept the decor soft and simple in there also.
You can see the dining room leads to our living room.  We sized down when we became empty nesters, and we only have one dining and living area.  
I haven’t had my Ikea sectional very long, but I really do love it.  Just added a few pillows and some pumpkins and Fall foliage.
Our mantle was probably my favorite thing this season.  
Ignore the big black box.  We all have to deal with it, I guess.  My hubby is so sweet to let me decorate however I want, so I don’t complain about his TV.  I added some pumpkins, greenery, and some cotton stems to my mantle this year.  I also keep candles on timers in the fireplace and a mirror at the back of the fireplace to reflect the candles.  It just makes things so cozy.  I also love having chippy columns around the house.  I have a couple in different sizes and they are great accents.
Here are a couple of other areas in our living room.
I have pictures of the boys when they were little.  One is in a Halloween costume and the other is with a pumpkin.  That wasn’t done for Fall, they are just my favorite pictures.  I made the Fall sign using a chalkboard I already had and some vinyl letters I cut out with my Cricut.
This next area is where I have the little bench my Father-In-Law made from my boys crib.  It’s my favorite and most sentimental piece.  I also won’t ever paint it, because it still has their teeth marks.
This area is off of our kitchen.  I don’t have a lot of kitchen storage, so I use this chest to hold some of my kitchen supplies and dishes.  It was the chest of drawers from my boys nursery and is repurposed now. 
These are just a few Fall vignettes around the house
I love incorporating vintage items in with all of my decor.  I love how it looks with Fall decor.
I also did a little decorating on our back patio.  It’s the perfect spot to sit and have coffee or a glass of wine.
I always start out with Fall decor in September, and then in October, I add Halloween for a little fun.  Halloween is the one time of year I love to go outside the box with my decor.  
I added this vintage looking Skull Anatomy poster to my mirror, with some webs and spiders. I also added a few spooky items to our dining table.
I love using black muslin to different places during Halloween.  It’s inexpensive and adds a spooky touch.  I also like to use skulls, webs and spiders scattered around.  I also love how my chippy and vintage decor goes so well with the Halloween decor.  I’m calling it vintage spooktacular!
For this picture, I couldn’t just leave the black box boring.  I ran a haunted photo through our Apple TV so that it would look like a spooky painting. 
Mr. Bones wants to thank you for stopping by for our Fall and Halloween tour! I want to wish you a very safe and Happy Halloween!

6 thoughts on “Fall & Halloween Home Tour

  1. Heather, I love the way you decorate! The kids' chest with plates overflowing might be my favorite part! Thanks for your sweet comment about our blue and white bedroom. Your idea of a big mirror is one that I am definitely going to incorporate.


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