Chalk Paint Makeover in the Master Bedroom

Hey friends! It’s been a little bit since I’ve blogged. I took a social media break over the Summer to deal with some health issues. I’ve made a lot of changes to my diet and self care and I’m feeling so much better now.  Sometimes, you just have to slow down and take a break!

 Since my break, Ive been busy making some changes to my house. I wrote in a previous post how I was using paint to make changes to my decor.  You can read that post here:

Well, the saga is continuing. I  recently painted my bedroom set. I was reluctant to paint the set, but after the last two moves, it had some pretty big scratches and I felt like it was okay to paint now.        I always start out painting my furniture with giving it a light sanding and a thorough cleaning.  I decided to try a new brand of paint this time.  I tried the Kilz chalk paint.  I will go more into how I liked it in a minute.

Here is my bedroom set before the makeover.  Pretty, but needed some love.

I always start out my painting projects using a small foam roller for the first coat.  Chalk paint dries fast and by the time I painted the first coat, it was dry and I could move on to the next coat.  For the rest of the project, I use a good quality brush.  I was surprised at how many coats the Kilz chalk paint took.  This project took 5 coats!  The Rustoleum Chalk paint I usually use, takes about three coats.  I also painted the nightstands, and spray painted the pulls to a hammered silver finish.  Those turned out so great!

When everything was completely dry, I gave everything a really light sanding.  I wanted a small amount of distressing in the areas that would normally receive some wear and tear.  I started sanding those areas and switched to using a metal scraper, very gently.  Like this one:

You don’t want to dig at the wood when you do this.  Just scratch off the top layer of paint.

Here is my bedroom after the makeover.  

I love how it turned out and I think this look flows better with the rest of my house. I love the little bit of detail the minor distressing added.  You could certainly skip that step if you don’t like the distressed look.  I feel like I have a whole new bedroom with painting the furniture.  I also added the lamps and they are from Wal-Mart.  The coverlet is from The Antique Farmhouse, the throw pillows are from one of my favorite Etsy shops Doves and Dahlias, the shelf is old and it also is painted.  The vintage black iron corbels are from one of my favorite local antique shops, and the old tin pieces above the windows came from another favorite local antique shop.  The tin pieces actually came out of an old bank in Texas.  Love finding pieces with history!

Here is another piece I recently purchased and painted.

It wasn’t in very good shape, and that’s why I purchased it.  I wouldn’t want to paint an antique that was in good condition.  I made some repairs to the wood using wood glue.  I sanded and cleaned the piece inside and out.  Then, this time, I used Rustoleum Chalk Paint, which is my favorite chalk paint.  It took three coats, and I used the same distressing technique I used on the bedroom furniture.  I prefer how this paint goes on and the coverage it provides.

I would say that you should play around with the different kinds of paint, milk paint, chalk paint, mineral paint, etc.

Find which works best for you and what you are using it on.  For me, I have found chalk paint works best.  Through lots of trial and error.

I like the finish it gives and how it holds up.  I will also add that if it’s a surface where you will be setting drinks, or wiping it a lot, use the Matte sealer that Rustoleum sells.

So, I encourage you to keep the things you have, furniture and decor and give them new life with a coat of paint!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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6 thoughts on “Chalk Paint Makeover in the Master Bedroom

  1. Hi Heather, love your beautiful transformation to your bedroom furniture. The white looks so pretty and uplifting. All the details are gorgeous. I have also used this flat spatula to distress furniture. Your blog is beautiful. I did not know you were here. I have blogged for 12 years but last spring decided to move in a different direction and while I still have it, I mainly use it for a link source now. Enjoy your new bedroom. Beautiful room!!!Celestina Marie


  2. Oh Heather what a beautiful transformation. It is stunning. I love it all. So happy to see you pop up in my email today with a post. I have missed you. I am sorry you had health issues this summer glad to hear you are doing better. It is good sometimes to just take a little break. Happy to see you back.Hugs,Kris


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