Making a New House Our Own

I wanted to share a change we’ve made to our new home.  I know you’re thinking, why are you changing a brand new home?  Let me explain.  We found our home right at the very end of construction.  The location of the house, size floorpan, and colors were perfect.  Plus, our house had sold that we were leaving, and I didn’t want to move into an apartment.  We moved forward and bought the house.  We’ve lived here over a year now, and we love it! There was just just one thing that I wanted to change.  I needed more light in the dining room and wanted to be able to see out to the front of the house.  So, I started thinking, looking at ideas online, did lots of Face Timing with my Sister, and got a lot of wonderful ideas from friends on Instagram.

I called a contractor to see if my ideas were even possible.  Good News!! I was going to be able to open up that wall! We emptied the dining room of everything, and they got to work.

         Here is the dining room empty                                               All of our furniture stacked up

My idea was about to happen! The only thing I was disappointed with was that I was going to lose my shiplap wallpaper.  I’m currently brainstorming on where else I can use that wallpaper.  I loved it!

Our guest bedroom before.  This is all we could fit in this room.

The front bedroom we had was really very small and we weren’t using the closet.  The closet is what backed up to the dining room wall.  So, I decided once the wall was open, to utilize the closet area as a butlers pantry/coffee bar.  I had a wonderful contractor who was open to my ideas, and rolled with my crazy changes as we went along.

This is what it looked like when we opened the wall up.

Here is where we had the only problem during the process.  I imagined the closet opening would be centered with the new dining room opening.  Thank goodness I had a patient contractor.  We decided to move the opening.  So much better with it centered with the new opening and the window.


We repurposed the original closet doors and we are now using them on a barn door slider to maximize space.  So happy with that decision, because I really wanted barn doors somewhere in the house.  Having the barn doors also allows us to continue to use the space as a guest room.

Here’s the link to the hardware I purchased.

We repurposed the original shelving from the closet and added shelves on either side of the butler’s pantry.  I also had them add a quartz counter top on the side with the coffee bar.  I ordered a small white fridge and put it under the coffee bar.  This is so convenient when we are entertaining.  There are coffee and other drinks right there beside our dining room for our guests.

We still use what was the guest room as a guest room.  I purchased a small sofa sleeper for us to use when we have guests.  I also have room for an office on the other side of the room.

The other wonderful part of the transformation, is the amount of light we have in our dining room, all the way back to our living area.  It was so worth doing this, and has made the house just right for us, and our needs.
Thanks so much for stopping by and reading about how this change has made our home more functional for us.  I hope Ive inspired you to make a change you’ve been wanting to make to your home.
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2 thoughts on “Making a New House Our Own

  1. I love what you've done and admire that you just went for it! Our last house had an area that was so dark and was blocked off too. I complained about it a lot!! What you've done is beautiful.


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